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Professional Endorsements for the Miracle Dressing Aid

Dr. Patrick Hanley, MD chief surgeon at Pacific Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Pacific Orthopedic & Sports Medicine

  • "As a practicing orthopedic surgeon many of my patients have undergone joint replacement surgery which significantly limits their mobility, both from an upper extremity and lower extremity standpoint."
  •  "I have evaluated  a health care product, the(Miracle Dressing Aid) that is designed to aid patients in getting dressed, which is quite often a significant problem in patients who have had joint replacement surgery. This device is simple in design, but ingenious and I think it would provide excellent benefit to many of my patients and lead to an improvement in the quality of their life and lead to a greater independence."           

   Oct 27 2014  Dr. Patrick Hanley, MD

Rob Goodman: President of Sales American Medical Concepts

American Medical Concepts

  • "The dress aid product (Miracle Dressing Aid) designed by Sheri Bean is a breakthrough in enhancing people's lives who are compromised in their ability to dress themselves alone. This product will have a huge impact on people getting both their dignity and independence back. I see this as a breakthrough product that will be likened to the introduction of walkers. Like a walker, people will be able to take back control of things in their life and the emotional impact this product will have will be astounding. Thank you Sheri!!!" 

August 12, 2014  Rob Goodman: 

President of Sales American Medical Concepts

Mark Henley at Shamrock Medical demonstrating use of Miracle Dressing Aid

Robert M. Welsh PAC

  • "I have prescribed thousands of assistive devices, canes, crutches, braces. The (Miracle Dressing Aid) is the BEST device I have seen for returning self-respect to the injured, elderly, and disabled by allowing independent dressing." 

2014 Robert M. Welsh, P.A.C. 

Pacific Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

  John A. White, Jr., PhD, OTR/L Program Director and Professor Pacific University

Pacific University School of Occupational Therapy

  • “This is a very innovative dressing aid that is adjustable for a wide range of users, from children to large adults." 

  John A. White, Jr., PhD, OTR/L Program Director and Professor 

School of Occupational Therapy, Pacific University

Lady Liberty, a beacon in the dark, lighting the way for a new life with greater independence

Jennifer Green, Private in home caregiver

  • "I have been a care provider for seniors & disabled for the past 14 years. One of the hardest parts of my job is watching someone lose the ability to dress themselves. That is what I love about the (Miracle Dressing Aid), it gives them back a piece of their independence and dignity. 
  • The (Miracle Dressing Aid) can be used from a sitting position so the risk of falls has been drastically diminished. Making it not only possible for them to dress themselves but safer. The ability to put on all the layers you want to wear all at once reduces the amount of strain and discomfort caused from standing and sitting multiple times. 
  • I can honestly say that I believe in the (Miracle Dressing Aid) and would recommend it to all of my clients"

Promotion display at Assisted Living Center activity fair showing use of Miracle Dressing Aid

Take a closer look at the Miracle

"This looks fantastic! As an OT I often come across people who have trouble dressing (not just those with PD). What I really like is that a caregiver could set the dressing frame up for the person using it, say the night before, meaning that the person doesn’t have to wait for someone to help them in the morning. Thanks for sharing!"  OTEB

See What the Pros are saying about the Miracle Dressing Aid

Professional Opinions

Sheri's device made from LOVE

Professional Opinions

Dawn Kline PT,MT, AT Tails End Physical Therapy

  • “It is far superior to claws & hooks. It is versatile for different size individuals, very light and manageable. But most important...Providing individuals a dramatic change in lifestyle to offer independence!”

Dawn Kline PT,MT, AT,

 Tails End Physical Therapy

Professional Opinions

Sheri's device made from LOVE

Professional Opinions

Sue Elich PT, MDT Trails End Physical Therapy

  • “The goal of Physical and Occupational therapies is to maximize quality of life and function in our patients. There are not sufficient devices on the market today for donning pants and shirts easily. This device gives the opportunity to further assist patients in their endeavors for independence. I look forward to seeing the results of bringing this to market!” 

Sue Elich PT, MDT 

Trails End Physical Therapy

Sheri's device made from LOVE

Sheri's device made from LOVE

Sheri's device made from LOVE

Sheri Bean demonstrating the use of the Miracle Dressing Aid

"The (Miracle Dressing Aid), I created for my friend Berniece brought back her freedom to dress herself. When she used the device for the first time she gave me a hug with tears of joy that I will cherish forever."

Sheri D Bean : Oct 2013

Inventor of the Miracle Dressing Aid       Nothing else like it on the market