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Finally a dressing aid that has been long overdue, for easier, safer, and faster way for people with limited mobility to help keep their dignity and independence. The ability to dress themselves effortlessly. No more sticks or claws, & struggling to maneuver your cloths that demand good coordination, gripping, & squeezing to dress yourself only to drop the stick or claw and can’t reach to pick it up, then leaving a tired and weakened person after the troublesome & tiring job of applying one article of clothing at a time.

  • A new and revolutionary invention is now available to help give independence to people with limited mobility, in getting dressed. It has been proven by many dozens of happy users around the world. It was originally designed for a lady with MS of 78 years and is used by many people of all ages with CP, MS, poly-trauma, joint replacements, Parkinson's, age related, & physical / occupational therapies, of accident, Stroke, & Cancer recovery/rehabilitation. The miracle is in the timing when a person has come to a point that all hope has been exhausted & one feels that they are stuck without the hope of fast recovery. The Miracle Dressing Aid is a innovative, breakthrough technology, lightweight, strong, adjustable dressing aid that does really work for a wide range of users from children to large adults that are compromised in their ability to dress themselves alone. This patented ADL device is simple, but ingenious, that may provide excellent benefit to quality of life and personal independence.


Description of Related Art  

 Conventional devices that may be used to assist incapacitated people or individuals with limited mobility to help themselves dress are well known and have been in use for a number of years. However, most such devices are complex, (e.g. require squeezing, griping, twisting, and fairly complex  coordination) tiring to use, and are limited in their ability to assist in only dressing the lower body, or the upper body, and with a single article of clothing, such as a sock, per use of the device. If these devices are dropped on the floor, the user is most often unable to retrieve them.   Accordingly, in light of the current state of the art in Assistive Technology and the drawbacks to current devices for facilitating self-dressing mentioned above, a need exists for a self-help device that would facilitate and aid in self-dressing the lower as well as the upper body with single and or multiple articles of clothing without assistant and with minimal physical motion and coordination (e.g., exertion, bending, squeezing, gripping, twisting, etc.)      

  • ABSTRACT of the "patented".    .    .     .    {Miracle Dressing Aid} TM                 A portable device that facilitates and Aids  in self-Dressing lower as well as upper body, with single and or multiple articles of clothing with minimal physical motion, and coordination (e.g. exertion, bending, squeezing, gripping, twisting etc.) The portable device includes a base that supports and provides stability for maintaining the device in an upright position, and defines a work space for positioning articles of clothing. Further included is a first retainer associated with the base, a second retainer associated with a handle, and a first and second side posts adjustable and movable associated with the base.

About Us

Photo Berniece Funk

Sheri D Bean

The patentedMiracle Dressing Aid” I created for my friend Berniece brought back her freedom to dress herself. When she used the device for the first time she gave me a hug with tears of joy that I will cherish forever.


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A person’s ability to use a home health device depends on many factors, including

  • ability and willingness to learn how to use new devices and adapt to having new devices in the home;
  • physical capabilities, such as their size, strength, stamina, dexterity, flexibility, and coordination;
  • sensory capabilities, including not only vision and hearing but also sometimes touch;
  • cognitive abilities, including their memory, literacy, language skills, knowledge, and experience base;
  • general health;
  • mental and emotional state;
  • cultural background;
  • personal history and experience with home health care and medical care in general.


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We are a family owned small company since 2013 and patent holder of the Miracle Dressing Aid 

Made & shipped in the USA 

* Nothing else like it on the market*

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Photo, I am your dressing assistant & I can be sufficient on my own to help you get dressed up.


I am your dressing assistant & I can be sufficient on my own to help you get dressed up. We empower you to be your best self in all aspects of life. Dressing can sometimes be extremely difficult with disabilities, but Now there is a new & better way with the easy adjustable patented Miracle Dressing Aid. "It is truly amazing!"  Nothing else like it on the market  

Photo of the adjustable Miracle Dressing Aid

Take back control of getting dressed with the easy adjustable dressing assistant. Nothing else like it on the market

We will help you realize your goal to be more independent. The standard Miracle Dressing Aid unit GEN#8/11 is very universal, adjustable in width & height, for children to 3XL adult

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Life can be stressful. We want to give you the  device and tools you need to maximize your personal and professional relationships, and how to give yourself the time you deserve.