Miracle Dressing Aid, Handicapped ADL

Miracle Dressing Aid, Handicapped ADL

Miracle Dressing Aid, Handicapped ADL Miracle Dressing Aid, Handicapped ADL

 The #1 dressing aid recommended by Doctors, therapists & caregivers, the only all in one EZ adjustable dressing assistant.

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Miracle Dressing Aid, loaded with pants & shirt

Miracle Dressing Aid

The most unique & innovative Patented ADL ever developed in the last 100 years to help those handicapped with special dressing needs, period !

Sheri D. Bean, Inventor of the Miracle Dressing Aid, business card

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David N. Bean, Distributor of the Miracle Dressing Aid, business card

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Miracle Dressing Aid - ADL- Home health care equipment

Sheri Bean "Inventor" loading pants on the Miracle Dressing Aid

Sheri D. Bean, Inventor of the Miracle Dressing Aid

  •  Dressing can sometimes be extremely difficult with disabilities, but now there is a new & better way, with the easy adjustable Miracle Dressing Aid. It is truly amazing! A new and revolutionary invention is now available to help give independence to people with limited mobility in getting dressed. 

The Miracle Dressing Aid has been proven by many dozens of happy users around the world. It was originally designed for a lady with MS of 78 years and is used by many people of ALL ages with CP, MS, poly-trauma, joint replacements, Parkinson's, age related, & physical / occupational therapies, of accident, Stroke, & Cancer recovery/rehabilitation. The miracle is in the timing when a person has come to a point that all hope has been exhausted & one feels that they are stuck without the help of fast recovery. 

  • The Miracle Dressing Aid is a innovative, breakthrough technology, lightweight, strong, adjustable ADL- dressing aid, that does really work very well, for a wide range of users from children to XXXL large adults that are compromised in their ability to dress themselves alone. This patented ADL device/tool is simple, but ingenious, that may provide excellent benefit to quality of life and personal independence.

Berniece Funk 78 years with MS at 17 yrs

"I was here in the beginning of the Dressing Aid. In fact I was the reason for it. It was difficult for me to keep my balance to try to get dressed, almost impossible. My loss of coordination made it impossible to use the hook and claws. It took me over an hour and by the time I finally got kind of dressed I was so exhausted I didn’t care whether I got out of bed or not. Then she came up with this idea and WOW! What a difference it makes! I’m still not able to stand very well but I can at least get my pants on. Raising my arms over my head is difficult for me to do but now I can get my shirt on without having to do that! 

The Miracle Dressing Aid has truly changed my daily life!"

Berniece Funk 78 years old with MS at 17

The inspiration of the Miracle Dressing Aid

We have a friend with MS that could not dress herself with any of the conventional devices used to assist incapacitated people or individuals with limited mobility. Sheri realized this when she started being her caregiver and developed a device she could use to load her pants and undergarments onto and slide them over her feet and pull them up by herself.  At that time Sheri also had both knee’s replaced due to degeneration and had multiple contacts with a Joint Replacement Surgeon, MD, PA, PT, so when Sheri told them and showed them her invention they ALL thought it was an amazing device and encouraged her to develop it and bring it to more people. 

Sheri applied for a patent & was granted a utility Patent for the Miracle Dressing Aid on Sept. 20 2016. As things go, her basic tool was developed into what we now produce, promote, and sell mainly thru our website in more than a half a dozen countries around the world.  Each unit is custom hand crafted to high standards & tested multiple times before it is packed for shipping. Each unit is easy adjustable for width & height by only about 35 lbs. force. There is no set points or push pins to mess with, there is no parts to wear out, get lost or broken. The Miracle Dressing Aid is made of high strength, reinforced, industrial plastic tubing, is very light weight of only about 2- 1/2 lbs.

The Miracle Dressing Aid is designed, engineered, assembled, packed, & shipped 100% in the USA, and made with all American produced materials.

Video Demo Miracle Dressing Aid

Check out this great video of the Miracle Dressing  Aid on You Tube

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Customer Review

Miracle Dressing Aid, easy adjustable in width & height Gen #8/11

"I am interested in this dressing assistant for my 16 year old son, with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.  He has tried other dressing assistants but he couldn't handle them.  I'd love to try this one.  Do you have a return policy? "


  • “We bought this for our 16 year old son who has spastic cerebral palsy.  He has been practicing with it and getting better at using it.  He does have some difficulty with pulling the pants and underwear all the way over the device, and lining up the leg holes, but he can get into them.   I think in time he will be able to use this device more easily.  He is still working on the shirt, but he may just skip using the Miracle Dressing Aid and pull it on manually since it only takes him 1-1/2 minutes to do that manually now. Up till now, though, we haven't found anything that worked even this well.”                  Michael & Susan from North Carolina Dec 2017

Customer Review

Miracle Dressing Aid, Quick Starter MDA Gen#7/11 for small children & adults

  • "I have a daughter that is 7 years old about to be 8 with Spina Bifida. Her waist size is 28" Would like to know if this would work on her." 
  • We are developing a reduced size MDA Gen 7/11 Quick starter for extra small children thru medium adult size, yours is not the first request believe me.
  • "Thank you guys. Claire is learning to work with the tool at therapy today.  She also really appreciated the beanie babies.  She named the cat Fluff bottom and the unicorn Cinnamon.  She sleeps with Fluff bottom every night now.  Thank you again for taking the time to develop this tool.  I'm sure as she grows we will be coming back to you guys for larger sizes.  The therapists are also excited to work with the tool as well.  We are passing on your information."     

      God Bless, J. D. Aug 2018 from Louisiana

Customer Review

Photo of the Miracle Dressing Aid

"Good afternoon my name is Kiana  I am 29 years old I have spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy and it is my dream to be able to completely dress myself. I have wanted one of these devices from the moment I saw it on YouTube four years ago. I have trouble with putting on pants independently and this device would put an end to that issue . Thank you very much have a blessed day. PS my birthday is Monday and I want nothing more than to give myself the gift of being able to dress myself independently.-Thank you David this product is awesome you have no idea the sense of accomplishment empowerment, Freedom, and liberation that I’m feeling right now!!!! I thank god for you and your wife and the fact that you two had the brilliant mind to create something so groundbreaking!!!!"    A-1 happy customer from New York since Aug 2018

Customer Review

Old Glory, US flag flying high in the breeze, above all others.

  • "I love the concept of this product and the price is reasonable." 
  • Thank you for your purchase of the Miracle Dressing Aid!- from Minnesota. Blessings & Godspeed to you Vicky, U.S. Veteran April 2018

Customer Review

David demonstrating the sizing of the Miracle Dressing Aid

"My name is Truls - 72. I am living in Norway. I have my two feet amputated, and I am using a wheelchair. Mrs Trine Paasche, who is giving me training, has received from you a Miracle Dressing Aid, which I thus have been able to test. It gives me really good help when I am putting on my trousers, and I wish very much to keep it. Please send me the necessary information concerning the amount for the Miracle Dressing Aid and for the mailing, and also the information about how to send you the actual amount. I will be sending the amount to you in US § from my Norwegian bank as soon as possible. 

Yours sincerely,"  Truls W.

A happy customer since May 2017

Customer Review

Miracle Dressing Aid loaded with undergarment

"This is fantastic, The Miracle Dressing Aid has given mum back her dignity and independence.Thank you so much: Regards,"   Lynette- from New South Wales, Australia Jan. 2018

See what customers are saying about the Miracle Dressing Aid

Announce coming events

Photo of display of the Miracle Dressing Aid

Good Afternoon!   My name is Megan Chambers and I am the Communications Coordinator for the Vitality Department at Cherry Wood Village Retirement Community. Every year, the Vitality Department puts on the Vitality Fair, where we invite folks from off-campus to come to Cherry Wood and share their wellness-related programs, products, and services with our senior residents. I found your company on a list of resources for seniors in Portland, and I was wondering whether you would be interested in hosting a table at our Fair. We have well over 300 residents requiring various levels of care, and I think Miracle Dressing Aid is a product that might garner quite a bit of interest!  Many thanks for your time and consideration.    Sincerely,   Megan Chambers Vitality Communications Coordinator

Mar 16 2018

Customer Request & Here is our Answer

Photo of the Quick Stater adjustable Miracle Dressing Aid

Hello, this really looks like a miracle! Nice invention-been trying to think something like this up for 2 years. I am looking to see if you could make a smaller version of this for a child? My daughter is 5 and a half but she is still the size of most 2-3 years old and only about 30 lb. She can’t bend at the hips so well and had very bad scoliosis making very difficult to put on shirts and stuff. Also to put her feet together is a struggle for her ☹️. she is starting kindergarten this year and we have been racking our brains trying to figure out getting ready and bathroom breaks at school and stuff.

Customer Review

Photo of the adjustable Miracle Dressing Aid

“Thank you SO much for designing the    Miracle Dressing Aid! 

You’re a wonderful caregiver to go beyond the call of duty to create such a genius apparatus that allows independence!  

I’ll pray that God blesses this business endeavor!!”  He answers their payers because they trusted in Him.  I Chronicles 5:20 NIV Brenda M.- Feb 28 2017

Customer Review

David using the Miracle Dressing Aid

I am a health professional from the UK I wanted to know if I can purchase this for a patient who has become disabled from a major car accident. I could not find any links to purchase this item in the UK. Please will you kindly help with this I think this aid would be perfect for this patient as he gets very breathless on minimum exertion. Thank you, Afroza A. Oct. 17 2017

Customer Review

Miracle Dressing Aid Avatar logo

 I have cerebral palsy & now that i'm in my 50's dressing myself has become a real chore. It has caused back spasms because i'm twisting in all different positions to get dressed. I really need this gadget! -- I used it for the first time this morning! It was amazing being able to get my pants on without assistance. Truly an incredible product! Thank you so much! 

 Kathleen > New Jersey - March 2019

Customer Review

Photo of the Miracle Dressing Aid

Hi I am an occupational therapist in Canada, Alberta Children's Hospital.   I am very interested in how this miracle dressing aid could help my clients. I wonder if there is any possibility that I could have one on-loan to show patients, for trial, and to show my boss to see if they want to at least buy one for our department, if not stock some for patients. Thanks!

Chris, March 6 2018

What Caregivers are saying about the Miracle Dressing Aid

Professional Review

Quick Starter MDA with measure showing waist size

" Hello,  I am an occupational therapist that works in an outpatient clinic for special needs children. I am interested in your dressing aide now that you have adapted it for children sizes.   I was wondering if you had a loaner program; I feel that we might  have several children who might benefit from this adaptive equipment It would be very helpful if they could trial the equipment in the clinic with  our assistance.  Thank you,"     Dawn-Marie  OTR/L,  BSOT Sept 2018

Professional Review

Photo of the Miracle Dressing Aid loaded with shit & shorts

"This looks fantastic! As an OT I often come across people who have trouble dressing (not just those with PD).   What I really like is that a carer could set the dressing frame up for the person using it, say the night before, meaning that the person doesn’t have to wait for someone to help them in the morning. Thanks for sharing!" OTEB July 2018

Professional Review


"Hello, I am a physical therapist assistant and I came across your YouTube video, demonstrating the Miracle Dressing Aid. I think this is a brilliant idea, and from the video it looks like it works very well and will meet many needs that I see every day. I was wondering if you could give me some additional information for instance production date, cost etc... I appreciate your time and thanks for work on this product!"  Jason S. PTA Jan 29 2015

Professional Review

Photo of what a miracle can do

"Hi, I am reaching out in regards to the Miracle Dressing Aid. I am a special education teacher and have a 13 year old student that has impairments in the area of fine motor ability. At this time, she is unable to put on or take off any clothing items on her own. I was doing research and came across your product. Are you still selling the product? I would REALLY like to try to find a way to get one for my student. I feel that this device might really help her. Thank you for your time!"       

  •  Samantha K.  Special Education Teacher :  Alexander Leigh Center for Autism; Illinois, Sept 2016

Professional Review EU certified

Photo of CE product quality control standard

Kiana Gomillion; 1 year ago  "Has your website opened yet? Have you guys been approved by the FDA yet?" 

  • CFR - Code of Federal Regulations TITLE 21--FOOD AND DRUGS    CHAPTER I--FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES    SUBCHAPTER H--MEDICAL DEVICES PART 890 -- PHYSICAL MEDICINE DEVICES   Sub-part F--Physical Medicine Therapeutic Devices Sec. 890.5050 Daily activity assist device.
  •  Identification:- A daily activity assist device is a modified adapter or utensil (e.g., a dressing, grooming, recreational activity, transfer, eating, or homemaking aid) that is intended for medical purposes to assist a patient to perform a specific function.   (b) Classification. Class I (general controls). The device is exempt from the premarket notification procedures in sub-part E of part 807 of this chapter, subject to the limitations in 890.9. If the device is not labeled or otherwise represented as sterile, the device is also exempt from the current good manufacturing practice requirements of the quality system regulation in part 820 of this chapter, with the exception of 820.180, regarding general requirements concerning records and 820.198, regarding complaint files.

Professional Review

MDA Gen #9/11 showing large width

"I work with rehabilitating elderly people in their own home in Norway. The team I work in, often meet people who have difficulties to get pants/trousers on. Your dressing aid I see on YouTube catch my attention. It seems like an aid which could be perfect for many of our patients. I have trouble to find some dressing aid in Norway. I am very interested to get it so our patients can try it." March 2017

Best regards; Trine P

There is a need for a miracle

David Bean demonstrating the Miracle Dressing Aid

We are Here For You

Dear Sir/Madam,

"In 2014 you advertised on YouTube a Combo Demo Display Loop i.e. Miracle Dressing Aid whereby a man was putting on a pair of trousers using this, underpants, socks and upper body garment. I am totally desperate for something like this as in England, UK we have nothing like this and I am having to rely on badly run care agencies to help me get dressed in the mornings. Please can you send me one of these ASAP. How should I pay? Should I phone you if so what is the full number including any codes and best time to call. Thanking you ahead for your time on this matter."

Amanda K. 4/23/17

This is our goal for those with limited mobility to be as independent as they can with help of the Miracle Dressing Aid.

Professionalism and Experience

  As a professional, trained and experienced in a wide field of trades, We have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. We can help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with vitality and enthusiasm.

Photo of New day is dawning

Supportive Journey

Committing to a healthier lifestyle is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication. But believe me when I tell you it will be worth it. Our personal commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding and support while accomplishing lasting growth.  

A person’s ability to use a home health device depends on many factors, including

  • ability and willingness to learn how to use new devices and adapt to having new devices in the home;
  • physical capabilities, such as their size, strength, stamina, dexterity, flexibility, and coordination;
  • sensory capabilities, including not only vision and hearing but also sometimes touch;
  • cognitive abilities, including their memory, literacy, language skills, knowledge, and experience base;
  • general health;
  • mental and emotional state;
  • cultural background;
  • personal history and experience with home health care and medical care in general.


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